Content Management Systems

Wordpress - 24web Design Studio Cape Town South AfricaAlthough 24web Design Studio is primarily a custom website design and development provider we do cater to clients that want the more standard type template based website. 
Joomla and Wordpress are the two most popular template based systems worldwide and the only ones that we allow on our servers.
Joomla and Wordpress are content management systems which mean that you can manage your own website content. It allows you to login to your website from where you can change almost all aspects of the website. We do however; strongly recommend that you do not attempt doing this without some basic training on these systems. We unfortunately do not provide training on either of these systems.
The unlimited access that these management systems allow makes it a very real possibility that you will “break” the website in a matter of seconds if you do not know what you are doing. Please note that 24web Design Studio do not accept any responsibility for self managed CMS websites running on our servers.
Note that even with our CMS type websites, where you handle the content, you are still required to pay the Yearly Website Hosting Plan fees.
Joomla  - 24web Design Studio Cape Town South Africa
We provide the following options  for the template based Joomla and Wordpress systems:


(please note that the prices indicated here exclude the Yearly Website Hosting Plan which is unfortunately not optional)
Installation of the core CMS system of your choice (Joomla/Wordpress) on our server;
    • With the standard default template loaded, R850.00*.
    • With a template that you provide to us loaded, R1,250.00*.
    • With a template that you provide to us loaded and Initial content (4 pages)  R1,650.00*.
    • (*please note this excludes any special features, plugins or modules you may want such as shopping cart, gallery systems, calendar systems, video systems, social media interaction etc, for these items please request a quote from us)
    contact us for a quote.