Customized Website Design and Development

A professional, attractive, and easy to use website is essential. Our websites are designed to bring you results while remaining affordable.
We work closely with our clients to create a website, in a search engine friendly (SEO) manner, that will ensure their website stands out from their competition in both design and internet traffic. Whether you require us to create a brand new website from scratch or redo your existing website, we can provide you with unsurpassed customer service and quality web solutions that meet your vision and goals.
Your website is an investment that must deliver results. We work with individuals, start-ups, small and large companies alike to design websites that brings them results and return on investment (ROI) while still remaining within their available budget. You can benefit from not just our web design work, but also our experience in graphic design, web development, SEO and Social Media Marketing.
Just having a website isn’t enough anymore, we strive to deliver a website that will bring the world of potential clients to your site and call them to action. We achieve this by working closely with Media Marketers and SEO experts. We ensure that we build in all the necessary web design elements, search engine optimisation features and social media integration components that is required for it to be easily found by people searching for your products or services. Once found, our web design compels the visitor to make contact or purchase your service or product offering.

The process:

    In our initial research phase, we will listen, learn and process what sets your company apart from your competition and how best to present your company, through your website, to the word. We will collect all the available media you would like us to include on your website, eg. Write-ups, pictures, brochures, logos, videos, etc. We will also discuss initial design layout options, look and feel and colour schemes for your website.
    A sandbox area will be hosted for your website on one of 24web design studio’s servers where you can monitor, via the internet, the progress as we design the initial framework of your website. It is also from this sandbox area that you will be afforded the opportunity to comment and request changes in any aspect of the design as the project progresses.
    Only once you are completely satisfied with the design and the features of your website in the 24web design studio’s sandbox area, will we proceed to publish and make your website visible to the internet and thereby the world.
    Once published to your chosen and hosted domain (web address) on the World Wide Web will we proceed to introducing your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing and 24web Design Studio’s social media page on Facebook. Various statistical and monitoring features will be created for you and we will send you the required login details so you may add any additional features offered by Google that may assist you in reaching your ultimate vision and goals for yourself or your company, and your website.
    You may at any time contact us for any additional features, changes or advice you may need in connection with your website and we will gladly oblige your every need no matter how small or large.

The Pricing Model:

    We at 24web design studio believe that every one of our clients is unique and therefore we have structured our pricing model to reflex this belief. Why should you be required to pay for features, components and bells & whistles included in a few one size fits all “Packages” offerings if you neither need nor want them?
    Our 24web design studio pricing works on a bare 3 page “basic design” with no features or a “standard design” with bare base essential features, both of which are priced accordingly.
    Once you have either one of these designs you are free to peruse our ever increasing list of “add-on” features that you may want us to include into your website’s design.  Remember that you can add any of the features at any time during or after the initial design process have ended.

    All clients that have specific or extensive needs for their intended website can contact us and we will workout a tailored package deal that fits your specific requirements and budget.
    See our product price list
A great web site design start with proper planning, and ends with great customer service and satisfaction.