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We at 24web Design Studio strongly recommend the use of a contact form on your website for the following main reasons;

Placing your email address on your contact page exposes it to spam bots and will greatly increases the amount of spam you receive.
A beautifully designed contact form that reflects your company style and brand simply looks more professional than slapping your email address on the page.
The email Argument - email address or email form?User friendliness
A well designed contact form makes it much more convenient and more likely that your visitor will engage, interact and make contact with you. If you only have your email address on your contact page, your visitor has to use their own email software which will force them to reveal their own email address even before they might be ready to do so. The risk of your visitor disengaging and abandoning contact is greatly increased.
If you only show your email, you run the risk that your visitor may not be able to send the contact email as they might be accessing your website from a location other than their own. So they'll have to remember to visit your site again once they have access to their own email account. A form will resolve these issues as the form will allow them to make contact from anywhere. It also affords you the opportunity to send them a copy of the information they entered on the form to their email address with some additional information of your value proposition, thereby raising the possibility of ongoing future engagement.
Accurate delivery
The contact form can have a drop-down list of all the people or departments in your company so that the contact will be routed to the correct person. If you just list the email addresses of 30 departments or employees on your contact page, lazy users are going to email either the first address they see or maybe even all of the addresses on the list rather than search for the correct department or employee.
An email form gives you the opportunity to control the subject line of the emails users send you. You can store the emails you receive in a database management system in addition to receiving them via your normal email client. All of this will make it easier for you to find specific emails, search them, gather statistics on your users and keep better track of who is contacting you and why. It also allows you to build a mailing list for possible future contact.
Tailored email form
Standard email form