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Great benefits can be obtained by converting your print catalog to an on line catalog.

An on line catalog makes your products available to a much wider client base without increasing printing and distribution costs. Unlike a printed catalog, mistakes can be correct, products added or removed, features updated, graphics changed all without reprinting.
24Web Design Studio can directly convert your existing PDF catalog to an on line catalog.
The sample catalog below allows your visitors to brows through the pages by clicking and dragging the pages from left-to-right or right-to-left similar to they way they would a normal printed catalog. It also has a auto play feature where users can click on the play button and the pages will turn over automatically.
It is however important to note that the “traditional catalog” system has NO search engine advantage as it contains images taken from your PDF which cannot be read by search engine indexing systems such as the ones by Google.
Further down this page we also have a sample of our search engine friendly “standard catalog” that can be read and indexed by most search engine systems. It works different to the traditional catalog system as the pages of this catalog is changes by moving the mouse over the “tabs” at the top of the catalog and it does not offer an auto play feature.

Traditional Catalog Working Sample 1

Traditional Catalog Working Sample 2