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Website - Videos: Backgrounds

Using video as background is a relatively new concept and has only recently become popular since the availability of relatively low cost, high speed and high bandwidth Internet services locally and world wide.

As can be seen on this page, the video background can outsells your product, much more than can be achieved by text or images alone.

When deciding on the Video to use as background it is important that it adheres to the following minimum criteria:

  • You must ideally own the video or if not, have the proper Internet usage rights to the intended video.
  • The video must be broadcaster quality, it is usually best to employ the services of a professional.
  • The video must be size (encoding) optimized.
  • The video must be to the point and get the message across as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • The video should be informative and directly relate to your product.
  • Where possible, show real people satisfied or enjoying your product.
  • Do not use a commercial advert or infomercial style video.
A good test of the video you want to use as background video, is to show it to several people. If they are interested in your product after watching the video (and don't mind watching the video 2 or 3 times), then using the video as background will achieve the goal of engaging your website visitors.
The video background should also only be used on the home page of your website and not be repeated on any sub-pages.
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